Stanislav Starih.

The diplomaed architect. More then 35 years of professional activities.
Experience of creation of public and commercial interiors, private houses and interiors. Designing of exclusive furniture and the special equipment for inhabited and commercial interiors, and also monitoring of their manufacture in Russia and abroad. Non-standard projects, for example, development of the concept of the first smart building on territories of the former USSR or re-equipment of the anti-submarine ship in museum and entertainment center.
Design in different styles, beginning from historical, for example, Russian empire style, and finishing the modern styles.

Elena Starih

The diplomaed designer of a private interior.
Experience of design of private interiors of urban apartments and country mansions.
Ability to combine various methods of decoration.
Designer's service guiding, experience of work with building's contractors, suppliers of finishing materials, plumbing system, furniture and decorative elements of an interior.
Design in different styles.
Some projects fulfilled in cooperation or independently presented on a site.